Gift Card/V.I.P Card

Royal Golden Swan Yacht

Golden Swan Yacht was one of the yachts for very important ceremonies and procedures troops ocean vessel. Current exhibits are at the National Museum, Royal Barge in Bang-kok-noi.



VIP card benefits:

 1)  5% rewarded to your account in addition to other discounts. Redeemable at any time.

2)  Free invites to special events.

3)  Chance to get free drink or food or the whole bill.

4)  Chance to win our special gifts occasionally.

5)  Chance to win a gift card of up to $100 in our monthly drawing.

6)  Free special dessert on your birthday.

7)  Chance to receive a special gift straight from Thailand (bi-annually).

8)  Be the first to know about new promotions.

9)  Get VIP ONLY special discounts through your email. For instant 10-50 % discount or buy one get one free.

10) Free Wi-Fi. (Limit one computer per member.)

11) Can get promotion texts through your cell phone.

12) Can get Take-out-calling. We’ll call you when your order is ready for pick-up through your cell phone.

13) First to get table (no more waiting on the line).

14) First to get reservation.

15) Card is reloadable.

16) 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your dish for any reason, we will fix or change it for you.

17) You will be our VIP for life time because your account never expires.

How to apply

 1)  Fill out a VIP application form with one of our sales representatives.

2)  Pay $15 for VIP membership.

3)  Get the Proof of Member and VIP Card from the Sale Representative.

4)  Bring your Proof of Member and VIP Card to activate at the restaurant (330 N Harbor Blvd., La Habra) within 30 days after applying before it expires.

5)  Your account may be canceled if you fail to activate you VIP Card in the time frame, and we may not take any responsibility if your account is cancelled due to your fault or lateness.

6)  Your VIP membership may start on the date of activation of your card. We usually take 1-2 days to activate it.

How It Works

 1)  For every $1 you spend with us it is equal to 1 point.

2)  Every 100 points can be redeemed for a $5 reward at any time.

3)  Your points have no expiration or limitation on collecting points.

4)  Must show or mention your card when paying your bill, entering games, joining, taking promotions or any benefits.

Card Regulations

 1)  Your points never expire while you keep your account active.

2)  Your account never expires if you use your card at least 4 times a year.

3)  $5 fee will be applied for getting a replacement card. A new card will be issue to you within 2 days at our store.

4)  You will get a full refund of the VIP membership fee if you cancel your account within 30 days after you apply. Please return your membership card in good condition to avoid $5 card lost fee.

5)  No refund on VIP membership fee after 30 days of your activation.

6)  You may get your replacement card at no cost every 4 years at our restaurant (330 N Harbor Blvd., La Habra).

7)  Only the card holder may use or take benefits of the card.

8)  The card and membership are non-transferable.

9) We reserve the right to terminate your membership if we believe you break our regulations and rules.