About Thai Time Cuisine

Why did we start the business?

“Thai Time Cuisine” is a family owned and operated business. Our family has a strong passion for cooking and is happy to share our own family’s authentic Thai style recipes and customs.  We’d also like you to experience the variety of real Thai cuisine and are proud to offer you 3 unique cooking styles: Authentic Thai, Signature and Bangkok Style. These various cooking styles showcase the regional diversity of Thai cuisine within the country. 

Thai Time Cuisine – Passionate about bringing authentic Thai cuisine affordably to our customers!

What makes us different than other similar businesses in our community?

Hygiene  We all have certificates in food service safety and sanitation. That’s why we only serve beverages and cook food with commercial grade purified water.

Service – Sincerity is something that you can’t fake. You’ll be impressed with the friendly and caring service we provide each and every customer. We care about you!

Quality/Freshness – We cook only the highest quality ingredients. All ingredients are premium and fresh; meats are USDA and Agriculture certified with no MSG, preservatives, chemicals and hormone. We also stock our kitchen multiple times throughout the week to maintain the freshest ingredients possible.

Experience – Our mom is an Executive Chef with over 25 years of experience working in real Thai kitchens. More importantly, she loves cooking Thai food and making her own sauces, curries, and spice blends which she incorporates in all the dishes we offer.

Mom, like all of us here at Thai Time Cuisine, wants you to have the best dining experience possible when you are with us.

We value you, our customers, and are dedicated to bringing you great food at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.


Always appreciate your business,
Thai Time Cuisine